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Spy 101 – Spies Like Us! (Yeah, right! So Not the Chevy Chase Movie) #TheDarkerSideOfParadise

Can you keep a secret? Yes, All the time! Chances are, you thought you'd make a good spy at some point in your life, am I right? If so, you might wanna look into to it this day and age. Who knows what the top corporate giants pay to keep their secrets a secret not … Continue reading Spy 101 – Spies Like Us! (Yeah, right! So Not the Chevy Chase Movie) #TheDarkerSideOfParadise

Chapter One – Scene 2

Brody fidgeted in the uncomfortable office chair as he waited for someone to call him. He tried thumbing through the 2 sport magazines someone had donated since the back covers were torn off where the shipping label had been and dated by a couple of years. His mind raced at what was going on for … Continue reading Chapter One – Scene 2

The Darker Side Of Paradise

I'd love to tell you this town like many others is idyllic as the people who head the tourism board on the city council would like you to think. But reality seeps into fiction in funny ways sometimes. Everything a person is subjected to whether it be physically emotionally or verbally makes them "conditioned" to … Continue reading The Darker Side Of Paradise

Chapter One – Scene 1

Someone once said, the smallest coffins are the heaviest. Brody Johnston never thought there were no truer words said as he accompanied his sister, Raelynn Connor, to the funeral home to help her make the final arrangements. His 2 yr old niece, Avery Rae, had been a smiling, inquisitive little cherub just days before. Brody … Continue reading Chapter One – Scene 1