SnowKissed RH Fairytale Retelling

Take one snowboard loving virgin hoping to lose her V-card travels to Vail, CO. to celebrate her 18th bday and party Meets 7 male strippers   trapped together in a cabin during a blizzard = SnowKissed     (a modern RH retelling of Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs.)      


Revisions are like Crappy Kitty Treats!

Revision. The word strikes terror in writers everywhere. Remember when you thought writing the book was the hardest thing ever?   Now looking back it seems like it was the easiest thing ever? You thought your days of hardship were over and you put your manuscript up and celebrated! Unfortunately, revisions are like what my … Continue reading Revisions are like Crappy Kitty Treats!

Keely Stevens

Keely Stevens is the oldest of Monique's twin daughters. She takes after her mother's despicable ways, more so than her twin sister. She loves to "shock & awe" just about everyone she meets. A bad girl who likes other girls. Keely keeps to her goth loving ways in her dress as well as her "don't … Continue reading Keely Stevens