Chandra La’Raine writes a lot of interesting stories about stuff that interests her – Bombs and explosions, stalkers,  revenge and redemption, soul mates, smart and sassy heroines who are not afraid to go after what they want and really sexy guys who are a bit rough around the edges but would do anything to keep their women safe at any cost. Why? – Because it’s fun!

The youngest of 4, she grew up around 3 bookworms who replaced key family members (mother and two older brothers) and an older sister who liked boys and parties which co-existed somehow under the same roof.  She became a product of her environment. Some say she learned to read through osmosis. This was the birth of a writer.

Having lived in a small town where many adventures were filled with mystery, rumors, secrets, lies, omits and half truths just under the surface waiting to come to light.  This environment afforded her opportunities to hang out in unusual settings for little girls like Auto Body Shops, junk yards, gas stations and a truck stop café.

However Fate wasn’t through with her. I mean why give a kid all this interesting backstory and not let the budding author do anything with it, right? Well, Fate can be quite a bitch, in her own sweet way as it rolled it’s hand and Chandra Laraine stepped away from writing stories to join society. It was disastrous, to say the least.

After years of never fitting in, always feeling as if she was looking in from the outside, things hit rock bottom. At 25, she was declared to have Bipolar with Depression and Anxiety, and PTSD. At 38, she was diagnosed with high functioning PDD-NOS, finally unlocking all the mysteries surrounded her trials and tribulations. In early 2016, the last pieces of the puzzle became clear. She was diagnosed as having Borderline Personality Disorder.

As  she rebuilt her life, the hand of Fate rolled once more. She began writing stories because her characters now spoke louder and with more conviction than they ever had before. Now she enjoys writing and publishing action packed, suspenseful stories for the sheer entertainment of those brave souls willing to read it.