Chandra La’Raine, a pre-millennial world survivor, writes a lot of interesting stories about stuff that interests her – bombs and explosions, stalkers,  revenge and redemption, soul mates, smart and sassy heroines who are not afraid to go after what they want and really sexy guys who are a bit rough around the edges but would do anything to keep their women safe at any cost. Why? – Because it’s fun!

The youngest of 4, she grew up around 3 bookworms who replaced key family members (mother and two older brothers). This was the catalyst of perfect conditions to bring about the birth of a budding writer.

Having lived in a small town where her many adventures were filled with mystery, rumors, secrets, and half truths laying just below the surface affording her opportunities to  develop suspenseful edge of your seat plots. She hung out in rich and unusual settings for little girls like an auto body shop, junk yards, gas stations and a truck stop café.  Allowed to explore diversities of nature through

Chandra Laraine like most little girls grew up, she tried to join the mainstream society becoming a Jack of All Trades: Master of None. Unable to fit in the normal confines of society, the hand of Fate intervened. She began writing stories filled with characters who spoke to her of various romantic interludes mixed with exotic and dangerous locales both far and near, and of taut, edge of your seat adventures.  Thus bringing these to life within the magical pages of a book, an escape for readers who long for the next suspense filled romantic adventure for those brave souls.

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