The past couple months I’ve been busy cleaning out partially finished novellas from my hard drive. I came across a smutty retelling of Snow White I created as an erotic short story years back.


Yes I admit, I came up with the naughtiest version I could while keeping to the original structure. I found my daughter’s Disney book, you know from the set they used to advertised way back in the 80’s where It was part of a mailing club to get, filled with colored images of a perfect princess with jet black hair and ruby red lips and snowy white perfect skin.


As far as cartoon heroines were concerned she was the closest who resembled me since I wasn’t born with the blonde hair and blue eyes that seemed coveted to only the prettiest of girls.


But Snow white was this normal looking princess I could relate to. Especially the way Snow White was treated by the wicked step mom and the father who was conveniently out of the picture.


Well with the manuscript just sitting around collecting dust on the hard drive I thought about how I’m watching money go down the drain less i can write it to market.


I thought about how many ways I could turn this story into something really, really good and would appeal to more people with a little bit of tweaking. Maybe that’s why I got a wild hair up my butt pulled up my big girl panties


and made a list of the hottest genres requested by readers lately. Everything from:


I came to a conclusion. I’m gonna write about my favorite subject. Men. I had an overabundance of men in this story. 9  of them in fact, not counting the many servants and royal guard from Snow White’s home in the castle but there was a particular group of 7 already in the story.


An already tight knit group of guys who work hard, play hard, and live together. I thought, would they love a special someone together as well? The answer was a resounding YES!


So I did what I did best… I got my perverted brain into high gear, thought about how I could corrupt the story line even more than I had in the first version I ever attempted yet appeal to more readers. I ended up having a night like this:


It’s no secret I love men. Lots of men.


Those sex gods that make you wanna


I can’t help it. Call it the laws of attraction at work. Some would even call me:


Because I just hate to choose which one I like best. I love them All! Just like Snow White in my upcoming reverse harem erotic fantasy, Snowkissed!

So, readers, which fairytale is your favorite? Tell me yours in the comments section. Go on, you can do it!

Love Always


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