Grady Blackwood has worked hard to ensure his daughter follows in his footsteps. When a no good delinquent from the wrong side of the tracks threatens to wreck everything he prepared her for by knocking her up then asking him for her hand in marriage Grady Blackwood did the only thing a father could do – deny his blessing and make the once angry young man before him see just how much he was ruining his daughter’s life. That was 12 years ago. While watching the news about a bomb at a NYC political rally in which his daughter attended, hearing she is injured however minor causes him distress. When he finds out his former charge Cade Benoit emceed the event it sets off a chain reaction as he begins to have a series of small strokes which causes him to distort fantasy from reality due to the lake of oxygen reaching the brain. Can Tara and Cade survive having their blossoming friendship revived into something more when events from the past endanger their future at the unstable whims of Grady Blackwood?

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