Can you keep a secret? Yes, All the time! Chances are, you thought you’d make a good spy at some point in your life, am I right? If so, you might wanna look into to it this day and age. Who knows what the top corporate giants pay to keep their secrets a secret not to mention the government. (I bet it’s more than your current salary!) If not, you might be like the rest of us and need these tips to help round out your secret keeping characters who by their very profession may likely be called a spy.

Fun Fact: Did you know George Washington started what would years later become the CIA during America’s fight for Independence? You can read about it here America’s 1st Spies from the website

So what makes a good spy aside from being able to keep secrets? The ability to lie through your teeth sure helps. Being technology savvy, definitely in this day and age. Just turn on the news or read a newspaper and you will see hundreds of perfect spy examples. Also being able to think quick on your feet helps keep the spy out of precarious situations. Or having intimate knowledge of other places and cultures can help out if your on a clandestine assignment. And being polylingual helps you get choice assignments! Being former military gives you an advantage since you’ve demonstrated you’ve already got the discipline to follow orders and do what needs to be done.

What is the CIA exactly? Check it out right here  What The CIA Really Does from the website

Can you see what makes a spy character to so appealing to us writers? Their suave to outrageously funny (Think Bond vs Johnny English!) They get the girls or guys (spies can be girls as well!) Down through history women made for some of the most sought after spies. In reality what they lack in physical strength they make up for in guile and extraction since people tend to let their guards down and their libidos rise around a gorgeous woman. They are portrayed as sweet and innocent but behind that beautiful smile is the perfect machine for information extraction.

Here are a few of the most lethal women spies   5 of the World’s Most Famous Female Spies from the lifedeathprizes website

Don’t get me wrong being a spy is dangerous work after all. With new advancements in technology like analyzing drone feeds or advancements in robotic technology like nanotechnology and artificial intelligence all seem fairly safe in comparison to these other alternatives. You could be dropped in hostile territory behind enemy lines where failure could result in public execution on YouTube due to modern day technology or be caught downloading encrypted information from countries with similar or more advanced cyber analytics personnel and be  by our own country if caught, left to face criminal charges according to that country’s laws.

Some of the most heinous extraction practices the CIA has used over the years. (Warning: may contain disturbing images.) Read more here  Enhanced Interrogation Techniques from the BBC website

Ok, enough said for today’s post. Hope you enjoyed. I’m sure I’ve begun to pique Big Brother’s interest some what, if they monitor how many times I’ve been on their websites researching interesting topics. I’d go into more detail but then I’d have ta kill ya (just kidding!)  Sorry couldn’t resist the irony of it! Spies Like Us! was a great spoof movie off of what Spy 101 really is about.  But being a spy in general, enters into the darker side of paradise . This is a world not uncommon to the realities of our idyllic life but with a more sinister, dangerous side to a world many of use wish to never see or experience.

Featured Image pic by HypnoArt under Pixabay’s CC0 License.





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