I’d love to tell you this town like many others is idyllic as the people who head the tourism board on the city council would like you to think. But reality seeps into fiction in funny ways sometimes. Everything a person is subjected to whether it be physically emotionally or verbally makes them “conditioned” to whatever they were exposed to time and time again. For me this is the darker side of paradise.

Life here in this small town isn’t always sunshine, blue sky and palm trees. It’s darker. The area where I live is amid a darker side of paradise. My exposure to some of the harsher realities has led me to write in part the taut, edge of your seat suspense you will find in my books.

I hope you find my small posts, on things which lurk among the shadows of the darker side of paradise, informative. I’m no expert, mind you.  I was just called the morbidly disturbed child of the family cause I found forensics, serial killers, bombs, guns and psychopaths fascinating. Welcome to the darker side of paradise!


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